Friday, January 3rd, 2014

Asshats Trying to Be Witty

Conservative Christians can feel what they want about homosexuality being sinful or whatever, but these kind of graphics piss me off. The same people bitching about Atheists coopting the ichthus to create the Darwin fish post pictures like this on their Facebook pages…

Your opinions on sinfulness aside, all Americans deserve rights. Period.

2 comments on “Why?

  1. I am in favour of straight marriage. I think straight marriage is great. Why should straights not want to be married too? If people posting that picture are only supporting straight marriage, that is fine.

    • That’s not what they were posing about. Comments from friends were along the lines of “Amen to that, the way God intended!” etc. And they agreed. The graphic is meant as being subversive to the equal sign.

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