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An FYI For the Masses

Sunday, May 5th, 2013

After some thought, I decided that my previous post would actually be a one off rather than a series… while I find it funny to mock the narrow-mindedness of misappropriating scripture, I also realize that in some form it is “stooping to their level” so…

Enjoy the fellow in the previous post, but don’t expect more… but other rants and posts are still to follow…

New Blog

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Ok, so for starters, I posted 3 old blogs just so I could see what the content looked like on this theme… I dig it. If you want to check out my other WordPress blog, it contains stuff from 5 or so of my old sites/blogs. I no longer have any type of pay site That said… here’s the deal.

This is my new blog. On this blog, I will be writing my thoughts about faith, life, society, pop culture, and all that jazz. I’ll probably review some music, too. I plan to review music on Rock On Philly and hopefully some other sites soon, too.

So… welcome to this, my 12th(ish) site/blog/whatever…