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Follow Up: His Loss

Monday, June 24th, 2013

I wrote about someone I had previously considered a friend and his “passive aggressive bullshit” the other day. This “friend” had ignored my texts for a week (in which, I :gasp: tell him that I had a few magazines for him and :gasp: asked if he’d be going to an event I was going to be at). When I wondered if everything was okay, I tried to message him through a social networking site instead… and… I was blocked from doing so. After asking him what was up and trying to address it, I finally decided not to let it eat me up anymore and I let him know that I was taking this as a sign that he didn’t want to be a friend. I told him that I was cool with that and would be deleting his contact and just letting it go.

Suddenly, he felt the need to respond. However, his response wasn’t about something I’d done, but moreso that my personality grated on him (honestly, I’m not fully sure what he was getting at, but I honestly don’t care). He, then, tried to back track by paying me backhanded compliments. Rather than bite, I simply told him to take care and I had nothing more to say. This led him to tell me that I was being a drama queen and that he’d “never broken up with an acquaintance before”. The drama queen thing was a petty comment but calling me an acquaintance did sting quite a bit.

Fast forward a day or so and I mistakenly stumbled upon his social media page (no, really, I wasn’t stalking him or anything, I seriously clicked on it in my history by mistake) and found this post: “Friends: quality over quantity.”

I had no intention of blogging on this anymore until I saw this… and I am blogging for one reason and one reason only… it’s to agree with what he has to say (despite the fact that it’s obviously about me).

I have never needed a lot of friends, just a few awesome ones. And to that, I have to say, I’m all set. I have friends that I know I can rely on to help with my kids, listen to me vent, pray for me, call me to pick me up, and care for me in whatever ways I need. I am blessed with those quality friends. And, I honestly believe that I am also one of those friends to many people.

I am a fierce friend. If you are one of my friends, you can expect me to defend you and your honor, you can expect me to be there when you need anything, you can expect my love and support, and you can expect that I will do all I can to be there for you.

To that I say, dear acquaintance, it’s your loss. I thought we were boys and apparently I was wrong. I feel betrayed and wronged in some way, but it won’t stop me from making new friends and caring for people… mostly because you aren’t worth me losing part of who I am because you decided to be an elitist prick.