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Nerdy or Nerdiest

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

Nerdy or Nerdiest

I love my Birds, but they ain’t no Alpha Betas… NERDS!

l33t n3rd h8: Sports

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

I get it, when you were in high school, the jocks beat you up and mocked you, but let’s grow up and move on, nerds!

I am a nerd, though I played sports growing up. In fact, my high school experience involved both the football team and several musicals/plays. I guess I may not be a true nerd, in some sense, but I am enough of one that I can speak to nerds as a peer. And, as a peer, I implore you to stop with the hatred of all things sport related.

On social media, I cannot go a day without one of my nerd friends bashing sports and it’s especially bad during major sporting events: the Superbowl, March Madness, NBA Playoffs, NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, etc. With this in mind, due to March Madness, the hate level is high. Some is subtle, jabbing at how sports are not really THAT important. Some is less subtle, talking about how people play sports because they can’t do anything else, inferring stupidity or inferiority.

The intellectual elitism is obnoxious… and ironic, seeing as the following post is about how some video game series has the new edition coming out tomorrow and they’ll be camping out.

Lack of interest is fine. Being playfully elitist at times is fine (albeit, I know I push the envelope with my music elitism… I promise, I’m working on it… unless you listen to Nickelback), but at a certain point we all need to just grow up and move on.

Next time you want to rant about how sports suck, go back to playing your XBOX and shut it…

Respectfully Submitted,
A Fellow Nerd